Blanch bait

Lightly seasoned, with lemon and Tartare sauce

Breaded garlic mushrooms (V) (VG)

With homemade lemon and coriander dipping sauce

Prawn cocktail

Flavoursome prawns with Marie Rose sauce, paprika, red onion, lettuce, and buttered granary bread

Homemade goats’ cheese tartlet  (V)

In a light shortcrust pastry with fried balsamic onions, roasted vine cherry tomatoes, rocket, and balsamic glaze

Halloumi sticks (V)

Breaded to order with homemade sweet chilli mayonnaise

Marinated lollipop king prawns

Battered to order, with lemon and sweet chilli mayonnaise

Homemade Scotch egg

Wrapped in homemade sausage meat, crumb-coated, and served warm with balsamic glaze and brown sauce

Homemade sticky chicken bites

Battered to order, glazed with our own honey & mustard sauce, and topped with crispy bacon flakes

To Share (or not...?)

Pierce’s Super Sharer

Pierce’s Super Sharer: Combine 4 from the blanch bait, breaded garlic mushrooms, Halloumi sticks, lollipop king prawns, and homemade sticky chicken bites above to create a super sharing platter

BBQ board

Homemade Scotch egg, ribs, mini pork pies, sticky chicken bites, coleslaw, and corn on the cob, with piri-piri and BBQ sauces

Fish platter

Homemade fishcakes, battered calamari, wholetail scampi, cod skewers, blanch bait, and battered lollipop king prawns, with tartare sauce, sweet chilli mayonnaise and lemon

Baked Camembert (V)

With toasted bread and homemade plum & apple chutney

* (V) Vegetarian   |  (VG) Vegan  |  (GF) Gluten free